What We Do


Could your business be better? Let the InterPaid team optimize your business! We will assess your company’s performance, innovation, organizational structure, technology, time & expense management and more!

We specialize in providing clients reliable, efficient and affordable services. We are trusted by customers and clients from all across Canada. InterPaid handles accounting & related services for companies of all sizes.

Tired of re-training your staff to look after your business services for you? Whether it be sign-on packages, payroll processing, timesheet tracking, payroll adjustments, T4’s, remittances and more. We give clients the security they need when it comes to what matters most. Never have to worry about training another employee to manage your office again!

With our experienced team, we will be able to oversee see all of your accounts and ensure all of your remittances & filings are up to date and filed on time. With our online servers all of your sign-on packages, time sheets, reports and more are easily accessible. Have an issue or need some advice? Simply connect with our InterPaid Advisors today.

Let us help you achieve your goals; start reducing your bottom line today!

Outsourcing your accounting services has never been easier. Whether having us maintain your current system, or upgrading to a new one.  We ensure switching is a breeze and handle all of the heavy lifting. Stop wasting money and start saving today!



Your current setup working for you but could be better? Talk with our staff today and see how InterPaid can help you. We have a variety of different systems and solutions geared to suit any company, establishment or organization.