Have the comfort and security of knowing your payroll is done accurately!

Tired of having to re-hire and train payroll staff? Tired of having payroll issues/errors and keeping up with all of the government changes surrounding payroll and compliance?

We handle payroll processing for companies of all sizes. Whether you are a Small Office, a Union Contracting Company , an Educational Facility, or even a Large Corporation with multiple divisions, InterPaid has Custom Payroll Solutions geared to maximize your bottom line.

Payroll Processing

Still using manual cheques and looking to enhance your business? With our Direct Deposit Services, your employees will receive their pay automatically. We also provide a platform where employees can login and view their pay stubs.

Timesheet Management

Are you tired of keeping track of your employee’s timesheets? Let us track and manage all of your timesheets. Using our Electronic Timesheet Solutions, employees can login using any pc/mobile device to submit their hours.

ROEs and T4s

Tired of filing and submitting Record of Employments & T4s? Our team of Advisors will complete and manage the filing; providing you with the necessary information regarding severance, dismissals, etc.

Swipe-In Systems

InterPaid utilizes a variety of different swipe-in systems depending on company size and need. Everything from Bio-metric Face & Fingerprint Time Clock Readers to Phone-In Time Clock Systems.

Never worry about your payroll again!