Don’t waste time searching for your information!

Our online portal acts as a platform to communicate and keep all of your business reports and information in one place.

Timesheet Tracking

Submit and maintain time sheets easily.

User Friendly

Clean, Easy-to-use User Interface allows you to view all your information easily.

Payroll Adjustments

Forgot to include an employee on your last pay run? Submit your payroll adjustment requests from within the portal.

User Hub

Create and allow your own employees to have access and submit time sheets and reports on your behalf. Employees have limited view as to what reports are visible.


With our 24/7 Customer Support Service Line, our team will be able to assist you at any time. We understand that payroll is very time sensitive so we like to give our clients the security of knowing we can be reached at any time.

Employee Sign-On Information

Keep all of your sign-on packages in one place. Easily accessible. View all of your employee certifications at any time just by logging in and choosing your employee.


Communicate with your employees and InterPaid Advisors from within the portal. You will be able to choose to send messages from within the application, receive text notifications, and more!

InterPaid Advisors

View all of the InterPaid Advisors assigned to your account. You will be able to message the appropriate one based on your needs; team leads, accounting, payroll, marketing, human resources, etc.

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