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We make filing your income tax returns that easy, you can file on the bus, at home, or even on your lunch break at work. Next time you think of us, just visit to be re-directed to our website to start with our live agents today.

InterPaid is providing entirely online income tax preparation services; you won't have to print a single document.


We are offering instant refunds for those eligible, see below. When having your return completed, please let us know you wish to receive an instant refund. If you require income tax services, connect with our live agents today!

The standard market charge for instant refunds is 15% on the first $300.00 back, and 5% on the remainder.


Need your income tax refund money right away? Note: The account must be in good standing with the CRA and have no outstanding balances or holds on the account.

Online Process

Have your complete income tax return done online by the same professionals without having to leave your home.

Electronic Signatures

With our end-to-end digital document process, you won’t have to print a single form. Note: An email address & mobile device are required for signature.


All income tax returns prepared are encrypted with a unique password. Never worry about someone opening your emails and stumble upon your results.

Haven't filed in years?

Not to worry! We can get you caught up to date. No matter how many returns you’re behind, we will bring you up to good standing with the CRA.


The majority of Personal Income Tax Returns are only $50.00 per return filed. If you have a business and or rental expenses, contact us today for a quote.