Looking to start a business? Already have a business and want to outsource your bookkeeping needs?

Let InterPaid look after your company books for you! Why waste your time trying to learn the various aspects of the business and accounting world when you can let us handle it worry free. We make tax time a breeze by ensuring everything is accounted for properly!

From managing Company Books, Financial Statement Preparation, Administering Bill Payments, Weekly Payroll, and more! InterPaid offers a variety of bookkeeping services:

Bank Reconciliation & Receipt Management

Do you find yourself using multiple credit cards, business & personal bank accounts? Are you buried in endless receipts and not sure what to do? Let us relieve your burden. Bring us your garbage bags full of receipts and we will bring you up to date!

Accounts Receivable/Payable Mangement

Don't stress yourself worrying if your company is receiving the money its owed!! We have a dedicated Account Specialist that ensures your receivables are collected and on time. We provide full A/R and A/P services.

Accounting System Management

Still using paper ledgers? Do you need your accounting system created, maintained or even transitioned into another system? Let InterPaid assist you! We can optimize and create automation & efficiencies where possible.

Government Account Management

Let us manage and maintain your CRA & Government accounts. We will represent/manage your accounts on your behalf. Don't worry about the stress of not knowing what to say, we will manage on your behalf so you can remain focused on growing your business!

Custom Spreadsheet/Document Creation

Need advanced spreadsheets or documents created for your business? At InterPaid, we specialize in document creation. We can build sophisticated spreadsheets that provide journal entries that tie into your accounting system for easy integration.


InterPaid provides consistent reporting. Whether you require annual, quarterly, or monthly reports, we are able to ensure you have accurate reports. When seeking financing, these items are important for banks & other institutions.

Let us handle your bookkeeping services while you grow your business!