About Us


InterPaid Inc. was started and founded in 2018 by Andrew McAuley from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Making Sarnia the home of InterPaid's headquarters, Andrew decided to amalgamate The McAuley Group into InterPaid™ during 2019.

InterPaid™ was founded as a business with a sole vision to enlighten professional agencies, startups, small businesses, and corporate companies in enhancing their current accounting setup into a more optimized and benefiting version through our accounting solutions and services.

At InterPaid™ we grasp and are fully devoted to solving real-time accounting challenges experienced by businesses worldwide by the provision of modern, high-quality, and individualized services with professionalism, pride, and respect.

We pride ourselves with the attention of small details, compassionate working methodologies, strategies, and successful implementation of plans which are fully cognizant of our vision and yielding enough confidence to run our firm in a successful manner benefiting our clients.

Our state-of-the-art business model provides businesses and corporate sector solutions delivering not only quality but also assure on-time project completion, financial consulting, economic efficiency, and much more resulting in a better standard of operation.

InterPaid™ is comprised of a blend of individuals who deal in various accounting domains. In addition to this group of individuals, a huge support team assists in everything the firm does, from in-office work to on-location coordination and planning. One thing we can genuinely say about our staff is that we are very energetic and passionate about our work!

From the minute details to the significant choices, our group of experienced professionals has been deeply immersed in innovative research for many years providing us the ability to serve diverse companies, businesses, and individuals across the world. Whether you are self-employed, run a small or large business, our solutions and services will amplify and automate your experience exponentially.

Our services are exclusively designed after working closely with corporate businesses to analyze their needs and provide innovative solutions to solve the real-world accounting challenges through our competence, dedication, and tech superiority. Our mission was and still is, to bring high quality embedded in the innovative solutions designed by our experts.

To establish this base is an art, therefore we always work closely with clients to make sure that they’re satisfied with our resources to get the desired foundation for their dreams to lift off. The motivation behind starting InterPaid™ is to encourage them to step beyond their limitations and equip them with the best supportive environment.

We ensure that everything from conceptualizing to execution works consistently to win us the 'WOW' we are known for. These words mean something. They persuade, teach, and control the heartbeat of what our identity is, the things that we do, and why we do them.